Happiness Sayings
Top 20 Sayings about Happiness


May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies and quick to make friends. Know nothing but happiness from this day forward!

Catch the moments as they fly
and use them as ye ought man -
believe me happiness is shy
and comes not aye when sought man.

Congratulations! You have won a huge place in my heart. You must come and take it or you will never be happy.

Good night my love! We will meet each other in our dreams to spend a few moments with love and happines together. I love you!

May all who enter as guests leave as friends!

There are only two times that I want to be with you - Now and Forever.

A smile is a language that even a baby understands.

The best things in life aren't things!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

May the sons of your daughters smile up in your face.

Even when it is rainy the sun is shining in your smile.

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

I've found the key to happiness. Stay away from idiots.

Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.

Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.

People say you only fall in love once, but when I hear your voice I fall in love all over again.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile, because it happened.

My favorite place to be is inside of your hugs where its warm and loving.

May you get all your wishes but one - so you always have something to strive for.

As long as I always hold you in my heart, I will never lose you.

May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my grandmothers teeth.

A spoken word from you is like a ray of sun, a smile from you like a rainbow and a kiss from you like a touch of god.

Love is hard to find, easy to lose and difficult to forget.

The work goes on. The cause endures. The hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.

Don’t say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it.

I have known many - liked not a few - loved only one - so this toast is for you.

May the road rise to meet you!

I miss you like a rose misses the sun in the depths of winter.

Bless you and yours as well as the courtage you live in. May the roof overhead be well thatched and those inside be well matched.

For every wound a balm.
For every sorrow a cheer.
For every storm a calm.
For every thirst a beer.

Live every moment. Laugh everyday. Love beyound words!

May you never forget what is worth remembering. Or remember what is best forgotten.

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