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After the sayings are submitted, they will be rated and analyzed using the sayings game. Next, the not-so-good sayings are automatically rejected. The rest will be editorially checked and if everything is in order, added to the collection.

1. Please consider: You need a personal best of 300 points in the sayings game. You still need 300 points.

2. Please consider: Your personal best in the sayings game will be reset after each submission.

3. Please check with search function whether the saying already exists in a similar version.

4. Please check that saying is no joke.

5. Please check that saying is no poem. Short rimes are allowed.

6. Please check that saying is no aphorism.

7. Please check that saying is no quote.

8. Please check spelling (american english). may be helpful.

9. Please check grammar (punctuation, commas, periods, ...).

10. Enter saying. Max length are 160 characters.

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